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Elixir V1

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Elixir V1

Us Maniacs are all about taking our medicine. Now you can too with this 2" Pvc Velcro Ranger Eye patch. Featuring our very own Skull Logo and a bottle full of red and black liquidy goodness. Did I mention it glows?!? Must be some strong #@$%!!

~Each set will contain 1 colored and 1 black
~Approx. 2"
~45 sets available
~Once they're gone, there ain't no more refills. Best stock up!
~No limit on purchases
~Each set will come with a COA Card and a scannable QR Code Serial Number. No generic medicine here! This the REAL #$%@!!
(Might wanna hold onto that serial number COA card...could be a pretty good lottery for some sick @#$ prizes in the future)

**Once they hit the mail, I am no longer responsible**

~Your support means the world to me. Thank you for being here. Thank you for everything. You're a %$#@ing MANIAC.