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Loaded Hanks- Maniac Collection V3

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Loaded Hanks- Maniac Collection V3

Last drop Sunday 12/4 at 7pm cst

**1 per person please.
**If you have already scored this particular print, please sit this drop out. Due to the EXTREMELY limited nature of this print I’d like to get these into as many different hands as possible. Thank you!

NEW Loaded hanks are made with a 100% drill denim fabric that make them rugged, durable, and tough as nails! Combine that with Nana’s Snuggle soft backing and you’ve got yourself a truly premium hank that’s built to last!

-Approx 10.5”x10.5”
-100% drill denim
-Nana’s “Snuggle Soft” backing (black)

*This particular print is extremely LIMITED and part of the Maniac Hank Collection.

*Due to the fabrics used in the construction of LOADED HANKS, please be aware that these are much thicker than our normal prints.