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Loaded Hanks- Maniac Collection V4

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Loaded Hanks- Maniac Collection V4

**1 per person please. Extremely limited custom print. These can’t be made again.

NEW Loaded hanks are made with a 100% drill denim fabric that make them rugged, durable, and tough as nails! Combine that with Nana’s Snuggle soft backing and you’ve got yourself a truly premium hank that’s built to last!

-Approx 10.5”x10.5” (Some may be a bit smaller approx 10”, due to the fabric used)
-100% drill denim
-Nana’s “Snuggle Soft” backing

*This particular print is extremely LIMITED and part of the Maniac Hank Collection.

*Due to the fabrics used in the construction of LOADED HANKS, please be aware that these are much thicker than our normal prints.