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PTO - Protect The Ocean - Bundle #2

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PTO - Protect The Ocean - Bundle #2

Our PTO - Protect The Ocean bundle #2 comes with:

- 1 Geo Whale Mini Hank w/ lanyard ( 6.5”x 6.5”)
- 1 Black Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ( 12”x 12”)
- 1 Cotton Candy Pink Metal Maniac Bead
- 1 Cotton Candy Blue Metal Maniac Bead
- 1 Murdered Out Black PVC Maniac Bead
- Stickers, Candy, and our gratitude!

All proceeds from the sales of our PTO Bundles will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to help aid in their fight for the protection of our beautiful oceans and the marine wildlife that calls it their home! You can learn more about the Sea Shepherds and their efforts at

* Maniac EDC is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This is simply our way of helping to show them that we believe in what they do!