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Trayz!- Black Topo

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Trayz!- Black Topo

Maniac EDC ‘s newest product “Trayz!” The perfect fabric valet tray for all your EDC dumping needs! Empty your pockets into some of the sickest designs we have to offer! Beautiful fabric outside with a specially designed hard interior for outstanding durability!

~1 “Black Topo” print valet tray
~Approx 10” x 8” when flat and 8” x 6” when snapped together
~100% cotton fabric inside
~Nana’s NEW “Snuggle” soft outside
~Black colored snaps in each corner

*Please Read*
~ Be aware that these Trayz! are made of fabric. Repeated snapping and unsnapping can eventually possibly cause a rip in the fabric or a worn out snap. These will be shipped flat but are designed to be snapped and left together as a tray. These are tested and made extremely durable when used correctly and for the intended purpose.